Documentary Newborn session at home// Dokumentaarinen vastasyntyneen kuvaus kotona.

It was a lovely afternoon, sun was shining through the curtains and you could feel the love around you. I was asked to photograph Baby R as a documentary photoshoot, with parents and at home where they could be at ease. Little R was already over two weeks and kind of wide awake thought the whole session, staring at mum and dad.


In a documentary kind of session I won’t do any posed shots. The session will last approx 2 hours and during that time I will guide you through the process but mainly we will go with the flow and document those moments when you are bonding with your newborn. I love teeny tiny moments, especially the ones you don’t even realize I am documenting,


Whilst drifting to sleep she held dads finger.


Omg. I love dogs! This fella was not impressed when he didn’t get tummy rubs but the baby got all the attention.


After being awake for almost two hours she finally gave in and fell asleep just about when we were finishing up. So much love <3